Devon Sawa, Can I Keep You? 

When the live-action Casper was released in 1995, I was only just beginning to wonder if I was pretty. I was nine years old, and it had recently occurred to me that, just as I took pleasure in the sight of objects—lace nightgowns, my Addy doll, the floral cover of The Secret Garden—people could take pleasure in… »10/31/15 11:15am10/31/15 11:15am


Happy 20th Anniversary to Now and Then and Your Devon Sawa Wet Dreams

I was nine when Now and Then was released, and because it was PG-13, my parents were disinclined to let me see it in theaters. But I battled fiercely for my cause. The previews alone engendered in me a sense of urgency—a conviction that I would be ill-prepared for puberty if I did not see the film immediately upon… »10/20/15 5:16pm10/20/15 5:16pm