Nick Jonas Removes Clothes, Bares Butt, Reminds Us That God Is Good

It feels like you can't google "Nick Jonas no clothes" or "Nick Jonas butt" these days without seeing a picture of Nick Jonas taking off his shirt, his pants or some combination of the two. And no one here is complaining. Many of us just wish he'd do it more often. » 10/23/14 10:30pm 10/23/14 10:30pm

Idris Elba Is in a State of Undress on the Cover of Details

Many congratulations to your imaginary husband Idris Elba for landing the September cover of Details! And congratulations to Details' Adam Sachs for writing one of the most panty-dropping sentences ever committed to print: » 8/13/14 1:40pm 8/13/14 1:40pm

Life Without Kids Means More Arctic Monkeys Concerts

Movies, nice dinners and indie rock concerts are the new face of childlessness, at least according to a piece in this month's Details titled "The No-Baby Boom," the latest of many magazine articles about the gradual decrease in "worldwide" eagerness to reproduce. Using his own childless existence as anecdotal anchor,… » 4/20/11 4:37pm 4/20/11 4:37pm

How And Why To Make Tea

To write a tea instructional is to wade into darkly tannic waters long ago claimed by giants like Orwell and Douglas Adams. That hasn't stopped Christopher Hitchens, who writes an open letter on the subject. Nor shall it stop me. » 1/06/11 3:10pm 1/06/11 3:10pm

Sweat Lodges: The Therapy Of Choice For Bros

Sometimes a dude has problems — usually about sex or money. But since therapy's for sissies, he turns to something a little more badass: a sweat lodge. Details has the story. » 4/14/10 7:00pm 4/14/10 7:00pm

Sink Your Teeth Into The Men Of True Blood

Heteronormative eyecandy of the day: Behind-the-scenes video from the Details photoshoots of the dreamy dudes from True Blood. File under Things That Don't Suck, even though Lafayette has been left out. (Click to watch.) [Details] » 4/13/10 6:20pm 4/13/10 6:20pm

"Use The Final Bullet In Your Gun:" Whither The 2010s Man?

Jeff Gordinier's piece in Details on "The Remasculated Man" is less obnoxious than it could be, but it still reveals how difficult it is to talk about modern masculinity without falling back on lame testicular cliches. » 2/22/10 5:00pm 2/22/10 5:00pm

Robert Pattinson: "I Really Hate Vaginas"

For its 10th Anniversary issue, Details decided to go in a slightly weird direction, celebrating "The Remasculation of the American Man" by putting a sparkly vampire-Brit on the cover. Also? Edward Cullen is "allergic to vaginas." (Jokes, people!) [JustJared] » 2/13/10 4:50pm 2/13/10 4:50pm

America's First Male Prostitute Exposes, Perpetuates Fear Of Teh Gays

Described by CBS as "a muscular college dropout," who's done stints in the Marines and porn, "Markus" has become Nevada's first legal male prostitute - or "prostidude," to those who apparently fantasize about paid sex with stoned college sophomores: » 1/22/10 4:40pm 1/22/10 4:40pm

Dating A "Hasbian": All Fun And Games Until Somebody Gets "Converted"

The magazine that brought you "Hot Jewish Girls" is back with another stereotypical portrait of a type of woman dudes can date: the hasbian. » 1/12/10 4:20pm 1/12/10 4:20pm

Details Editor Says Men's Magazines Better Than Women's

"Just look at the features in men's magazines. They're often much meatier than the fare you find in women's magazines. What does that tell you? That guys aren't afraid to spend an hour reading a great piece of writing." [MediaBistro] » 12/10/09 10:40am 12/10/09 10:40am

Details' "Hot Jewish Girls": Headless, Wrapped In Israeli Flag

The print version of Details' paean to Jewish women contains more of the magazine's signature, sensitive photography. Plus, we got our hands on the casting call for the shoot. Jewish women are so back! (Where did we go? Unclear). » 11/30/09 6:30pm 11/30/09 6:30pm

On Details, "Hot Jewish Girls," And Sloppy, Knee-Jerk Misogyny

Reading Details' "The Rise of the Hot Jewish Girl" should probably offend me as a woman and a Jew, but it's as a journalist that I'm most offended. Still, could Details be more misogynistic than Maxim? There's strong evidence. » 11/30/09 1:40pm 11/30/09 1:40pm

They're Onto You: Details Discovers Women Secretly Trying To Get…

We got a number of distressed emails about a recent piece in Details. Possibly because the description read, "Getting tricked into fatherhood by a woman hell-bent on getting pregnant is much more common than you think." Good to know! » 10/23/09 5:00pm 10/23/09 5:00pm

Hannah Montana Is Hazardous To Your Health

Men's Magazine Treats Women Like Garbage, Furniture

Sure, models can be props, but there's something really awful about this photograph from an accessories shoot in March issue of Details. It comes right on the heels of this gem from last month. [Details] » 2/20/09 1:45pm 2/20/09 1:45pm

Andre Leon Talley: Vogue Editor, Style Adviser, Political Surrogate For…

Older Woman Was First To Know The Magic Of Daniel Radcliffe's Wand