Haters Gonna Hate: An Interview with Fresh Off the Boat's Constance Wu

Constance Wu is living the dream of every up and coming actor—landing the lead on a hit sitcom on a major network with a rapt audience. But Wu's role as Jessica Huang, Taiwanese mom of three boys on Fresh Off the Boat, is more than just a sweet gig—it's historical, as FOTB is only the second Asian American-centric… »2/20/15 11:10am2/20/15 11:10am


This Week in Tabloids: Kids Born Same Day as Royal Baby Get a Penny

Welcome back to Midweek Madness! Every Wednesday, we don our swimming costume, head to the newsstand and dive into the deep, refreshing waters of the new celebrity tabloids. Kristine Gutierrez assists as we wade into Ok!, In Touch, Life & Style, Us and Star. This week, three out of five mags jump the gun on the royal… »7/10/13 4:00pm7/10/13 4:00pm

Jay and Bey Have Some Eleventh-Hour Obama Endorsements For You

Vote today, you guys! Vote! OK? Even if you're just a sycophant with no political leanings, vote because your favorite celebrities want you to. As Jay-Z substituted "Mitt" for "bitch" onstage during "99 Problems" at an Ohio rally for President Obama, Beyonce was at home writing a very nice letter to our president:… »11/06/12 9:00am11/06/12 9:00am