Iowa Supreme Court Lets Women Know They Can Be Fired For Being Too Hot

Iowa is a far more liberal state than it often gets credit for. Lumped in the middle of the country between Wisconsin – whose leaders have been doing some great work lately – and Kansas – which also rocks our socks off – Iowa chugs along, boasting a political life that's pretty evenly divided between conservatives… »7/12/13 3:20pm7/12/13 3:20pm

Oops, Those Nasty Energy Drinks Are Melting Your Teeth

It's easy to trick yourself into thinking that those sports and energy drinks are in some way good for you. Sure, they're loaded with sugar, but they rehydrate you, or help you stay awake in class, or give you wings. Yeah, well, a new study has found that they also taking the enamel right off your precious teeth. The… »5/02/12 9:30am5/02/12 9:30am

Woman Dentist Gets Back at Ex-Boyfriend By Pulling Out All His Teeth [Update: Or Not!]

If you'd just broken up with a dentist, you probably wouldn't go back to her office for help with a toothache a few days later—what with all the sharp objects and opportunities for inflicting pain. And yet, for some reason, that is exactly what Marek Olszewski of Poland did. But rather than get revenge by just being a… »4/29/12 8:55pm4/29/12 8:55pm

Has This Famous Dentist Secretly Been Stockpiling Celebrity Teeth?

If you've ever watched the show Extreme Makeover or The Doctors, you will recognize this aggressively positive "celebrity dentist." His name is Dr. Bill Dorfman, and in addition to making over people on television, he also has a dental practice in LA where he treats actual famous people. Or, should we say, he USED to… »4/04/12 11:55pm4/04/12 11:55pm

Hilarious Girl Discovers She's a Wizard After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled

This girl's mother was kind enough to film her in her looped out state after she got surgery on her wisdom teeth, and the girl was brave enough to share her crazed ravings on YouTube. Thank goodness she did because it's quite a long, strange trip she takes us on, including this bit of insight: "I'm a wizard! I… »4/02/12 11:15pm4/02/12 11:15pm

The Value Of Your Torturous Dental Work Is Drawn Into Question

Technological advancements mean that dentists now have an even better idea of what your Coke and Snickers bar addictions are doing to your teeth. That seems like great news, but it actually has some people worried — and not just because it makes it harder to avoid the dentist's disapproving looks. Some people are… »11/29/11 12:50pm11/29/11 12:50pm

Dentist Accused Of Cursing & Farting As He Pulled Teeth

Here's a story that should make your next dentist visit seem delightful by comparison. During a misconduct hearing yesterday, British dentist Matthew Walton was accused of regularly burping and farting in front of patients because he thought it was "a big joke." According to The Daily Mail, dental nurse Nicola Groom… »2/23/11 12:51am2/23/11 12:51am

Ricky Gervais learned recently what Americans expect of celeb smiles when a journalist complimented
Ricky Gervais learned recently what Americans expect of celeb smiles when a journalist complimented his willingness to wear unflattering false teeth for his role as a dentist in Ghost Town »9/29/08 3:30pm9/29/08 3:30pm — though they were actually his natural teeth. While bad British teeth are a comedy cliché in the U.S., the Brits find our…