The Five Best and Five Worst Demons to Get Possessed By

Getting possessed by a demon sounds horrible—all that contortionism probably leads to awful back problems. But some demonic possessions aren’t all that bad. A possession doesn’t have to be all spooky voices, matted hair and projectile vomiting, after all. Here are the five best and five worst demons to be possessed by. »7/23/15 1:55pm7/23/15 1:55pm

Pat Robertson: Porn and Doing 'Sex Things' Cause Demonic Possession

As a former Southern Baptist minister, 700 Club host and malicious Cabbage Patch Doll Pat Robertson has an understandable interest in Satan and a somewhat less understandable obsession with sex, especially the gay kind. The very best Pat Robertson musings are when he manages to combine his interest in other people’s… »6/03/15 7:00pm6/03/15 7:00pm

That 'Charlie Charlie' Demon Challenge Was a Viral Marketing Stunt

Last week, teens all over freaked out about the “Charlie Charlie” challenge that had something to do with pencils and summoning a demon to answer your questions. A Mexican demon. Named Charlie. Very #real and #believable. Turns out that all those idiot high-schoolers were totally played by a very real commercial for a… »6/01/15 1:40pm6/01/15 1:40pm

Church Accused of Starving, Trying to Resurrect 'Possessed' Toddler

A pastor at a church in a Texas suburb has been accused of starving a two-year-old boy to death because she believed he was possessed by demons. Church members then attempted to “resurrect” the child before taking his body to Mexico for burial. The child’s mother did not report the death; the police were… »4/14/15 4:45pm4/14/15 4:45pm

2016 Election May Be Cancelled Because of Evil, Prophesy Expert Says

There is no wilder Christian television program than It's Supernatural!, a bonanza of weirdness hosted by a Messianic Jew named Sid Roth. He's joined every week by a revolving cast of highly eccentric guests, most of whom have a direct hotline of one kind or another to the Lord God Almighty. This week, Roth sat down… »10/23/14 4:15pm10/23/14 4:15pm

Eva Green Had Sex with an Invisible Demon on Penny Dreadful (NSFW)

I don't watch Penny Dreadful, but apparently a ton of my friends do, because this morning I woke up to a Facebook feed clogged with "DEMON SEX DEMON SEX OMG DEMON PENIS DEMON INTERCOURSE DEMON PUT IT IN THERE EVA GREEN OMG DEMON DEMON DEMON." What's all the hubbub? I wondered. Well, here it is. Here is the hubbub. In… »6/11/14 5:50pm6/11/14 5:50pm