The Income Gap Has Made Rich People More Efficient Porn Viewers

Despite all of its many and varied uses for acquiring and sharing knowledge or engaging in real, empathetic dialogue with strangers, the internet is, in the words of the inimitable Trekkie Monster, for porn. Also, the internet is for arguments about the sexuality of Harry Styles, which just serves as further proof… »12/01/13 1:00pm12/01/13 1:00pm

Voters Who Are Neither Moms Nor Waitresses Now Being Referred to as 'Waitress Moms'

While I'm legally obligated to mention in every post about the upcoming election that it will be very close and polls are saying all kinds of things that should keep people of all political stripes glued to cable news outlets during this, the political media's quadrennial Christmas shopping season, there's something… »10/25/12 3:00pm10/25/12 3:00pm

Survey: Not All LGBT Americans Are Neil Patrick Harris

A massive poll released by Gallup today reveals some truths about the American LGBT community that might shock and upset people who like to imagine that television is real life: contrary to prime time network tropes, people who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual are more likely to be… »10/19/12 5:45pm10/19/12 5:45pm

Morons Disappointed to Learn Most Babies Born in America Are Not White

When the US Census bureau announced this morning that for the first time in US history, the majority of babies born in 2011 were not white, naturally my first thought was to see what paranoids and dum dums on the internet were saying about it, because I'm nothing if not a chronic hater. After all, this sort of topic… »5/17/12 3:10pm5/17/12 3:10pm

Does Anyone Else Feel Like Their Value As A Voter Has Just Been Discovered?

Like many women who are probably reading this, I was an awkward little kid »10/03/08 6:00pm10/03/08 6:00pm. After the first flush of kindergarten boyfriends eventually gave way to playing like little adults in grade school, I was one of the many girls who didn't have a boyfriend. I didn't even dance with a boy until the 8th grade, when my best…