Oh! My Brain! Join Us Tonight For a Very Debatey Liveblog

Tonight, at the very rude time of 9 pm EST, Fox Business Network will take a break from its regular schedule of airing problems that appeal to 83-year-old gold hoarders and will instead air a debate between eight people who all think they’re auditioning to be a Fox Business News pundit. It’s the 783rd Republican… »11/10/15 3:40pm11/10/15 3:40pm


Nobel Peace Prize Winner Likely to Be Elected President in Myanmar, But Will Be Barred from Taking Office 

Myanmar is holding its first more-or-less free election in decades, and opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nobel Aung San Suu Kyi is on track to be elected president by a landslide. She will be barred from taking office, however, because she had a foreign spouse and children with British citizenship. »11/09/15 9:15am11/09/15 9:15am

Ironically-Named City of Sistersville Still Bans Women from Voting

West Virginia (unfairly most of the time) seems to be the go-to backwoods state in America. Incest, murderous hillbillies, haunted coal-mining towns straddling the cave mouth to Hell, illiteracy, and prescription drug abuse are often mentioned in connection with West Virginia, as if the Appalachian squiggle-blob… »9/14/13 4:30pm9/14/13 4:30pm

Sluts Get Ready to Spread Their Sexy Votes Far and Wide

If you believe Rush Limbaugh and a lot of other conservative politicos, we sluts are everywhere these days, and we're doing our level best to ruin this country with our super sexy sex words and fancy ideas about contraception. Of course, the thing about sluts (also called women, by some more progressive members of… »5/01/12 11:55pm5/01/12 11:55pm

Callista Gingrich Finally Opens Her Mouth and Is Not Totally Terrible

The only thing most of us know about Callista Gingrich is that she has a frighteningly perfect blonde bob—well, that and she was totally happy to be lying in bed with her lover Newt while he talked on the phone to his wife. Now that they're legit in the eyes of God, she's always at Newt's side during events, yet she… »2/20/12 12:00pm2/20/12 12:00pm

Wheaton Terrier Elected President of Civic Association

If you thought democracy had jumped the shark with Gore vs. Harris, you were wrong. The election of George W. Bush to the American presidency was only a practice jump on the designated high powered motorcycle of America. Now that a dog has been elected president of a Maryland Civic association, consider that fish… »2/19/11 1:12pm2/19/11 1:12pm

The Dalai Lama said yesterday that he may choose a young girl to be his successor and indicated that
The Dalai Lama said yesterday that he may choose a young girl to be his successor and indicated that he's ready to pass his political role on to Tibetans in exile. The 73-year-old monk embraced pro-democracy Chinese activist Chin Jin in front of reporters and said he may pick his successor before he passes away. His… »11/24/08 6:15pm11/24/08 6:15pm

Meet Italian Cabinet Member Mara Carfagna, A Woman Of Many, Um, Parts

Usually when my little brother sends me tips they have to do with the idiocy of Bush or organized religion or... well anyway, to get to the point, I was somewhat baffled when he sent me a link to this picture on a German website. I clicked about as far as here before I was just like "We're all always searching for new… »5/16/08 4:40pm5/16/08 4:40pm