7-11 Now Delivering Specialty Packages Guaranteed to Get You Laid 

Because nothing says romance quite like “Big Gulp & chill,” 7-11 has stepped out of its comfort zone—cream cheese taquitos and deliciously dried out egg rolls—and gotten right into the dating game. The retail giant will now send a romantic package directly to your home for $20. Slurpee, unfortunately, not included. »9/15/15 3:20pm9/15/15 3:20pm


Baby Born on Airplane Named After the Flight Attendant Who Delivered Her

According to ABC News, the Armavia Airlines flight was en route from Siberia to Armenia's capital of Yerevan on Saturday when 31-year-old Armina Babayan went into labor. You're probably thinking, "Wait, hella pregnant ladies aren't supposed to fly!" Well, during check-in, Babayan claimed she was just 6.5 months… »1/15/13 10:25am1/15/13 10:25am

Chicago’s ‘Milk Ladies’ Are Still Delivering Formula After 30 Years

The so-called "milk ladies," the founders of a nonprofit group based in Winnekta, Illinois, have made it their mission for the past 30 years to deliver cases of brand-name formula to Chicago mothers who cannot afford to feed their children. Infant Inc., the official name of the milk ladies' nonprofit, also delivers… »9/09/12 1:30pm9/09/12 1:30pm

Screw the Drive-Thru, Burger King Is Now Offering Home Delivery

It used to be that you had to drive to a fast food restaurant, park your car, and walk all the way inside to order. Then came the advent of the drive-thru, and it became all the more easy to say, yes, in fact, I would like fries with that. And now, finally, the last barrier between you and a giant, gooey manufactured… »1/17/12 11:55pm1/17/12 11:55pm