30,000 Monkeys Are Wreaking Havoc on India's Capital

Creatively speaking, humankind has put a lot of energy into speculating what could happen when chimps take over the world (there have been — what? — a billion Planet of the Apes movies made by now?), but, as it turns out, it isn't the non-human apes that we should be focusing on, but their rat-faced monkey brethren.… »7/22/14 4:15pm7/22/14 4:15pm


India Gang Rape Suspect Found Dead in Jail Cell

One of the men accused of gang raping and fatally beating a young woman on a New Delhi bus in December 2012 was found dead in his jail cell Monday. Ram Singh—who drove the bus on which a 23-year old physiotherapy student was raped and murdered—was found hanged from a metal grille from a rope fashioned from his own… »3/11/13 10:25am3/11/13 10:25am

Lady Cab Drivers Take Self-Defense to Prepare for Work

Cabs for women aren't a new thing in the world, and they're not a new thing in India, either. However, Delhi's Cabs for Women by Women is notable because after the violent gang rape and heartbreaking death of the young student in the Indian capital, their business spiked by 40 percent. Consequently, the small team of… »2/14/13 10:50am2/14/13 10:50am