Behold the HORRIFYING robot baby that was too creepy for Twilight

Ever wonder, "Hey, why was the spawn of Twilight lovers Bella and Edward such a hideous CG monster troll?" Well, guess what? It could have been much, much worse. Behold the animatronic monster so hideous it scared the cast of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, and had to be cut from the film. »11/04/13 10:50pm11/04/13 10:50pm


Here Are SNL's 'Real Housewives of Disney' Deleted Scenes

Even the deleted scenes from the 'Real Housewives of Disney' sketch are better than most of what actually aired on Lindsay Lohan's stewardship of SNL. And the princesses address a very important question — what happened to Mulan? Well, technically, Mulan has no sanguinary ties to royalty, so she would be what's called… »3/12/12 9:40pm3/12/12 9:40pm

Bridesmaids Deleted Scene: Megan And Air Marshall Jon's 'Sex Tape'

Remember the happy ending that Megan received at the end of Bridesmaids? Well, thanks to the internet, now we can see exactly what transpired in this deleted scene between Megan and Air Marshall Jon (aka Melissa McCarthy and her real-life husband Ben Falcone) in a raunchy, food-filled sex tape. [NSFW-ish] »10/05/11 10:13pm10/05/11 10:13pm