How We Could Be Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies—And Aren't

A new medical study indicates that it's safe for a woman to have an IUD inserted immediately after an abortion or miscarriage. Researchers say it could prevent more than 70,000 unintended pregnancies annually, but there's a non-medical reason that isn't happening: The Hyde Amendment. » 6/09/11 2:13pm 6/09/11 2:13pm

Indiana Gambles $4.3 Billion On Anti-Choice Law

$4.3 billion: That's how much Indiana stands to lose if it pushes ahead with a new law refusing to allow state Medicaid funds to go to Planned Parenthood for women's health services. We suppose blatantly breaking the law is one way to "cut costs," although of course it'd be on the backs of the poor in the name of "life." » 6/06/11 3:25pm 6/06/11 3:25pm

Texas Calculates The Cost Of Cutting Funding For Family Planning

As in many states, Texas conservatives have proposed cuts to family planning programs as part of their effort to defund Planned Parenthood. While it's obvious that these measures hurt women and lead to more unplanned pregnancies, the state's Legislative Budget Board has calculated the devastating effect it would have:… » 5/12/11 11:35am 5/12/11 11:35am

Congresswoman's Inspiring Speech On Her Abortion And Planned Parenthood

In the heated House debate yesterday on a proposal to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding for women's health and sex education services, one speech stood out. California representative Jackie Speier said she would abandon her prepared remarks because "my stomach is in knots." Then she told the world about her… » 2/18/11 10:01am 2/18/11 10:01am