Judge Declares Federal Law Banning Same Sex Marriage Both Crappy and Unconstitutional

The First Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled today that the Defense of Marriage Act, that Clinton-era relic designed to defend the institution of marriage against gays like a football team defends the end zone (if the gays get into the marriage zone, game over for straights!), is unconstitutional on the grounds that it… »5/31/12 7:00pm5/31/12 7:00pm


Gay Service Members Sue Government To Overturn DOMA

Last month homosexuals serving in the military won a huge battle in the fight for gay rights when Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed, and now they're taking on the other major federal policy that discriminates against gay people: The Defense of Marriage Act. In a lawsuit filed today in Boston, a group of legally… »10/27/11 10:17pm10/27/11 10:17pm