What It Takes to Be a (Female) Army Ranger

While the brass in Washington continue to bicker over the consequences of allowing vaginas into open combat roles, two women have quietly completed the second, creatively-titled “Mountain Phase” of Army Ranger School. A third female soldier will have the opportunity to start the course again, a process known as… »8/05/15 12:46pm8/05/15 12:46pm


Saber Rattling And Other Boy Stuff With Spencer Attackerman

Hey, there, so, I'm a really terrible friend. Well, actually, I'm a good friend to some people, but I managed to abandon other people in the process. I'm currently in Germany, slightly besoffen from my friends' civil marriage this morning and as a result, Moe totally cheated on me with Spencer Ackerman.They talked… »7/10/08 10:00am7/10/08 10:00am