Deer Birth Control is Coming, So Look Out for Debauched Deer Orgies

THANKS, OBAMA: our hard-earned tax dollars are now going towards supplying the wanton deer of the New York City suburbs with whore pills. (Side note: if anyone is interested, I'm amenable to developing The Wanton Deer of the New York City Suburbs as a new Real Housewives-esque franchise). » 7/08/13 5:15pm 7/08/13 5:15pm

Your Evening Cry: Daisy the Deer Rescued from Ditch Days After Birth

Daisy the deer, why are you so special and sweet?? This lovely lady was rescued by a family in Indiana after her mom was hit by a car. :-( x 100000000. The family nursed her back to health with goat's milk and greens, and now she hangs around and comes when called. I can hardly watch this because all I can think… » 2/17/13 9:30pm 2/17/13 9:30pm

Great Dane Adopts a Baby Deer and That's Okay by Us

Interspecies family alert! Abandoned by her mother, Pippin the fawn was lucky enough to encounter Kate the Great Dane. Kate took an instant shine to the little deer and the two have been looking out for each other ever since. They even play and cuddle! Now, what's a girl got to do to get in on that friendship? » 11/16/12 7:45pm 11/16/12 7:45pm

Deer Lovingly Bathes a Lemur with Saliva and Friendship

Deers and lemurs love each other, or at least this deer and this lemur love each other. Either that or they met on craigslist after the deer posted the following ad: "Looking to lick a lemur. No recip. necessary. Just want to lick a lemur. With my tongue. I'm in decent shape, so I expected my lemur of choice to be… » 8/22/12 9:45pm 8/22/12 9:45pm

So Will Periods Attract Bears or What?

It's camping season for those of us who are gluttons for punishment and bug bites. But during your foray into a recreational rural transient lifestyle, how do you know you're safe? How do you know that your dripping vagina isn't attracting deadly wildlife? » 7/11/12 3:15pm 7/11/12 3:15pm

Unholy Matrimony: A Sheep Has Married a Deer in China

Three months or so ago, reports began to surface that a sheep and a deer were carrying on a love affair at a Chinese zoo. Well, yesterday, they "decided" to make it official, and got married in a Valentine's Day wedding ceremony at the zoo. The male sheep, who's called Long Hair, and the female deer, Pure Child,… » 2/15/12 10:40am 2/15/12 10:40am

"Flying Deer" Damages Power Lines

You know how sometimes you see shoes looped around a power line and you try to remember all the urban legends about what that stands for? Yeah, well, in Montana a lady saw a dead deer hanging from a power line. Sad. Except then a guy from the power company told her, "Apparently, we've got deer with wings." But that's… » 6/17/11 4:35pm 6/17/11 4:35pm

Saturday Night Social

Time for me to sign off! From Ted Williams to today's tragedy in Arizona, it was one helluva week. Lots to discuss, but keep it light around here. And come back later tonight for the SNL open thread! » 1/08/11 7:00pm 1/08/11 7:00pm

Oh, Deer

Dillie, a pet deer living with an Ohio family, has to be the most spoiled pet in America. She is fed a nutritious diet of ice cream, linguine and roses, and she even has her own bedroom. More cute: [CBS] » 12/09/09 10:40am 12/09/09 10:40am

Deer Bathes Cat!

And to make it even more heartwarming? The young deer lives at Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a nonprofit in Florida that's cared for dozens of deer. [Buzzfeed via Youtube] » 7/21/09 7:20pm 7/21/09 7:20pm

Seal Pup Afraid Of Fish • Delhi Court Rules That Sex Under Promise Of…

• A five-week-old seal pup has astonished caretakers by refusing to eat fish. Staff at a marine sanctuary say that this is the first time they've seen a seal with a fish phobia. • » 2/10/09 5:20pm 2/10/09 5:20pm

The First Unicorn

A real, live unicorn was spotted in Italy! Well, sorta. It's actually a baby deer that was born-with a genetic flaw of only having one horn in the center of his head-in captivity in a research habitat in the Tuscan town of Prato. Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato said that this is the… » 6/11/08 3:45pm 6/11/08 3:45pm