Terry Richardson Photographs Deepak Chopra, Doesn't Jizz in His Eye

Because nothing says "spiritual enlightenment" like creeping on terrified young models, Terry Richardson and Deepak Chopra recently teamed up for a photo shoot in V Magazine. Terry posted some extra shots over at his Tumblr—including this one of two kewl bros bro-ing around! » 3/20/14 7:15pm 3/20/14 7:15pm

Deepak Chopra And Fran Drescher Talk Women's Health, "Turning Pain Into…

50 Cent was also there, but it doesn't seem like he was weighing in on women's health —and if he was, I'd love a transcript. » 9/17/11 4:55pm 9/17/11 4:55pm

A Suggested Summer Reading List For Celebrities

Summer's here, which means it's time to pick up a book — or a Kindle, or an iPad. With all the traveling and hanging by the beach or pool, reading is fundamental! And celebrities are getting in on the action. » 7/08/11 6:50pm 7/08/11 6:50pm

Kelly Cutrone Receives The Mark Of The Beast

Today in Tweet Beat, Kelly Cutrone gets an ominous total at checkout, haters gonna hate, and it's Thong Thursday again for Coco. » 12/02/10 7:30pm 12/02/10 7:30pm

Heidi's New Sex Assault Allegations; Christina Applegate Engaged

Snooki Is Looking To Hire An Assistant

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Heidi Montag Is Hoping To Star In A Remake Of Splash

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Katy Perry's Privates Become A Trending Topic

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Cindy McCain Has A Headache, Hates "Blogers"

Today in Tweet Beat, Cindy McCain bravely speaks out in defense of those who suffer from migraines, Perez Hilton endorses bulimia, and Kim Kardashian hung out with Deepak Chopra. » 9/03/09 7:00pm 9/03/09 7:00pm

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