Finishing School: So You Don't Look Like A Jerk Around Rich People

Finishing school, once the realm of the tiny daughters of steel magnates training for a future in rich housewifery, is now a different animal. While finishing-school grads can still walk like non-water buffalos and clap after the opera in a way that doesn't cause mass monocle-poppings, the reason for mastering the… » 10/21/11 1:40pm 10/21/11 1:40pm

NY Times: We Take It Back: Washington, D.C. Actually Lame

Wait, what happened to "Washington, D.C. is suddenly hip again?" Because as of today, it's apparently somewhere between Windsor Castle, Imperial Japan, and one of those cotillions that requires both civilian and military escorts. For more sweeping generalizations, read on! » 12/10/09 1:40pm 12/10/09 1:40pm