Gawk at the Opulence of the Fanciest Debutante Ball Ever

Late last week, the who's-who of socialites attended Queen Charlotte's Ball at the Royal Courts of Justice, which was at one point the most important event of the London Season. Young women ages 17 to 20 from around the world got all dolled up and spend thousands on a ticket to do what women do best: look and act nice. »10/30/13 2:00pm10/30/13 2:00pm


Confessions of a Recovering Black Debutante

I'm a recovering debutante. I wouldn't go as far as saying a belle because I ain't with that frilly froo froo. Or girdles. I have a brain and I use it. I don’t own too many slips, or dresses, or wear much white. I don’t own a lacy parasol except for that one time where I had to accessorize with my lace ribbons for my… »9/14/13 1:00pm9/14/13 1:00pm