Gabrielle Giffords Returns To House Floor To Vote On Debt Ceiling

In a moment many feared we'd never see, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords returned to the House of Representatives this afternoon to cast her vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling. Giffords received a standing ovation and was greeted by both Democratic and Republican colleagues. She's voted against raising the debt… » 8/01/11 8:58pm 8/01/11 8:58pm

Michele Bachmann Pledges to Destroy Economy in First Ad

Here's Michele Bachmann's first presidential campaign ad, "Waterloo," named after the famous serial killer town in Iowa. It's pleasant enough — here are my five kids, and then my other 10 billion foster kids, and here is a timelapse pretty Midwestern bridge, now can I be president? » 7/07/11 5:45pm 7/07/11 5:45pm