Who is Sending Death Threats to Female AME Pastors in South Carolina?

A local news station is reporting that three female pastors of African Methodist Episcopal churches in Clarendon County, South Carolina have received threatening letters. The letter-writer, who calls himself “Apostle Prophet Harry L. Fleming,” quotes Bible verses to claim that women shouldn’t be pastors, and warns… »7/01/15 9:30am7/01/15 9:30am


'I Will Slit Your Throat': Brianna Wu Shares Recording of Death Threat

In an op-ed for The Mary Sue, video game developer Brianna Wu wrote on Wednesday about the latest terrifying death threats she’s receiving, these from a man who’s repeatedly called her house and described, both to her and her husband, his plans to murder her. She also included a recording of him promising, “I’m going… »5/21/15 3:45pm5/21/15 3:45pm

Model Who Posed With Bieber Getting Death Threats For Touching His D

Lara Stone, the model who pulled the short straw when it came to posing partners for Justin Bieber's new Calvin Klein ad campaign, is now getting death threats because Beliebers (the same people who wanted Anne Frank dead because Justin mentioned that she was a "great girl") think she got way too close with their… »1/08/15 1:49pm1/08/15 1:49pm

Secret Service Exhausted by Massive Number of Death Threats Against President Obama

Being the President is a much harder job than I CAN B PRESIDENT Barbie and the movie First Kid make it seem. In fact, one of the occupational hazards of the job are near-constant death threats. And — SURPRISE — the same President who inspires billboards more racist than a cartoon version of Birth of a Nation starring… »11/26/12 5:00pm11/26/12 5:00pm

Internet Social Justice Mob Goes Batshit on Activist, Has No Sense of Irony

Have you ever said something sort of dumb and immature on the internet? When it was brought to your attention, did you own up to it, acknowledge that your saying it was wrong, apologize for the offense and pain it caused, and immediately explain how you've learned from the experience and will make sure it won't happen… »7/11/12 5:00pm7/11/12 5:00pm