Good News: We Finally Know What Dead Humans Smell Like

The heady cocktail of scents emanating from a rotting corpse will probably never make your list of top 10 favorite smells, but according to new studies, knowing exactly what death smells like—apples and berries, allegedly—could make finding corpses quicker and easier, potentially augmenting the use of cadaver dogs… »9/23/15 3:15pm9/23/15 3:15pm

Couple Arrested After Teen Dies From ‘Drinking Lesson’

A husband and wife from Wyoming have been charged in the July 7 death of the woman’s 16-year-old son, after encouraging him to drink to the point of alcohol poisoning. Joseph M. Richardson and Paulette L. Richardson thought they were teaching her son a “lesson” by having him drink until he got sick. An autopsy… »9/16/15 10:15pm9/16/15 10:15pm

Tell Us About Your Most Bizarre Experience at a Funeral or Wake

Dearly beloved, we are gathered at this Pissing Contest today to share our stories of the strangest, funniest, and most fucked-up funerals that we’ve ever attended. (Thank you to Maxine Floeffler for the grim suggestion.) Please join me in bowing our heads for a moment of prayer and contemplation...of all the ways a… »8/28/15 7:30pm8/28/15 7:30pm

Women Are Still Wondering If It’s OK to Show Arm Flab in the Summer

It’s summer time, it’s hot as balls, and every woman on earth has been forced to revisit the annual question: Is it OK to wear less clothing even though you’re gross? This season gross could mean almost everything on your body, but for older women, the anxiety centers mostly around their upper arms. »8/04/15 2:45pm8/04/15 2:45pm

Study: People Who Get Married After 32 Are More Likely To Get Divorced

Conventional wisdom has said that people who wait longer to get married are less likely to get divorced. Like, if you actually intimately know your future husband or wife you are less likely to discover five years later that they are just a bunch of children stacked on top of one another (emotionally, I mean). »7/16/15 11:45pm7/16/15 11:45pm

Evidence From Jack the Ripper Victim's Murder Selling for $4.75 Million

G’day, my lord, and welcome the Tragedy Parasite Shoppe of Oddities and Curiosities! From the look of you, I can see that you’re a gentleman of particular interests, which is why I’m willing to show you one of our most rare, gruesome, and unnecessary artifacts. It’s the DNA-splattered shawl of Catherine Eddowes, one… »7/09/15 1:50pm7/09/15 1:50pm

Sheryl Sandberg: 'I Know I Will Never Feel Pure Joy Again'

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has written a pretty extraordinary Facebook note about observing the first 30 days following her husband David’s sudden death. In Jewish tradition, that 30-day period is known as sheloshim. Sandberg observes, “I have lived thirty years in these thirty days. I am thirty years sadder. I feel… »6/03/15 2:45pm6/03/15 2:45pm

Police Find Woman Pushing Dead Child in Playground Swing

Maryland police were called to a park on Friday morning to find what could have been a terrifying scene from a horror film. A woman was there, pushing her dead 3-year-old son in one of the swings. She may have been at the playground for hours, or possibly since the previous day. Her identity has not been released to… »5/23/15 3:10pm5/23/15 3:10pm

Why We Should Have Seen Betty Draper's Mad Men Fate From a Mile Away

On the penultimate episode of Mad Men, viewers were shocked by a Betty Draper curveball, that, as far as I can tell by trolling dozens of unhinged messages boards online, very few viewers saw coming. But, in retrospect, Matthew Weiner, brilliant former Sopranos scribe, Mad Men creator, and mild sadist had been giving… »5/15/15 3:45pm5/15/15 3:45pm