What Do You Want to Have Happen to You After You Die?

This week’s issue of The New Yorker features a lengthy profile by Rebecca Mead on the rise of female morticians, with a special focus on Ask a Mortician’s Caitlin Doughty (whose work has been featured on Jezebel several times). The article—like much of Doughty’s work—got me thinking a lot about what I want to have… »Yesterday 5:40pm11/23/15 5:40pm


Woman Allegedly Murdered 42 Years Ago Is Found Alive, Doing Better Than Most Corpses

In 1973, two Pennsylvania deputy game protectors found a dead body near a U.S. Army post. The corpse was female, naked, and stripped of all jewelry and identifying information. In addition, her body was buried without too much care under tarps and slabs of wood, making her much easier to discover than expected. For… »10/15/15 1:30pm10/15/15 1:30pm

How To Talk To A Grieving Person 

In the weeks and months after my father died, “How are you?” became my least favorite question. It was always benign and well-intentioned, but it also inevitably reminded me that I felt like shit. I’d rather have given a gruesome blow-by-blow account of how my father died than talk about how I felt. But talking—or,… »10/08/15 12:25pm10/08/15 12:25pm

Good News: We Finally Know What Dead Humans Smell Like

The heady cocktail of scents emanating from a rotting corpse will probably never make your list of top 10 favorite smells, but according to new studies, knowing exactly what death smells like—apples and berries, allegedly—could make finding corpses quicker and easier, potentially augmenting the use of cadaver dogs… »9/23/15 3:15pm9/23/15 3:15pm

Couple Arrested After Teen Dies From ‘Drinking Lesson’

A husband and wife from Wyoming have been charged in the July 7 death of the woman’s 16-year-old son, after encouraging him to drink to the point of alcohol poisoning. Joseph M. Richardson and Paulette L. Richardson thought they were teaching her son a “lesson” by having him drink until he got sick. An autopsy… »9/16/15 10:15pm9/16/15 10:15pm

Tell Us About Your Most Bizarre Experience at a Funeral or Wake

Dearly beloved, we are gathered at this Pissing Contest today to share our stories of the strangest, funniest, and most fucked-up funerals that we’ve ever attended. (Thank you to Maxine Floeffler for the grim suggestion.) Please join me in bowing our heads for a moment of prayer and contemplation...of all the ways a… »8/28/15 7:30pm8/28/15 7:30pm

Women Are Still Wondering If It’s OK to Show Arm Flab in the Summer

It’s summer time, it’s hot as balls, and every woman on earth has been forced to revisit the annual question: Is it OK to wear less clothing even though you’re gross? This season gross could mean almost everything on your body, but for older women, the anxiety centers mostly around their upper arms. »8/04/15 2:45pm8/04/15 2:45pm