Did John Mayer Sleep With Taylor Swift & Break Her Teenage Heart?

You know how Taylor Swift says that all of her songs are about her relationships? Her new song, "Dear John," seems to detail what went down between Taylor and John Mayer. And it doesn't end well. » 10/19/10 10:04am 10/19/10 10:04am

Memo To Senator McCain: My Health Is Not An Extreme Position

John, I know we don't talk much. Part of that is my fault — after I flirted with you back in 2000, I'll admit I was a little embarrassed at myself. But you didn't help when you literally embraced W » 10/16/08 12:40pm 10/16/08 12:40pm and metaphorically embraced The Surge, let alone when you started who we used to hate . But all the journalists kept…