Kid Preaches that Women 'Deserve Rape,' Is Sad About Having No Friends

About a year ago, we covered the antics of Dean "Brother Dean" Saxton, a University of Arizona student who's styled himself a sort of one-boy Westboro Baptist Church. Saxton considers himself a "sign from God," and whiles away the hours preaching on campus about how whores "deserve rape," everyone should stop… » 5/05/14 7:45pm 5/05/14 7:45pm

Super Cool College Kid Tells Women 'You Deserve Rape,' Because Whores

Watch out, America! Cool dude on campus! Nothing says "higher learning" like a pro-rape, anti-woman, slut-shaming, violently xenophobic religious fundamentalist taking it upon himself to "preach" to women about how their sinful bodies are the true cause of rape. During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, of course,… » 4/25/13 7:00pm 4/25/13 7:00pm