The $72 Amazon Prime Deal is Live, Even For Existing Subscribers!

As promised, Amazon is selling 1-year memberships to Amazon Prime for just $72 right now (down from $99) in celebration of the 72nd Annual Golden Globes. Plus, everyone can also stream the award-winning Transparent for free today, even without a membership. I've watched it, and can't think of a better way to spend a… » 1/24/15 1:02am 1/24/15 1:02am

Save 25% on Any Book Amazon Sells Today. Seriously, Any Book. 

Over Black Friday weekend, Amazon offered a 30% off coupon on any print book they sold, and a lot of you took advantage. If you missed out though, or you had a second book you wanted to grab, you have another chance today, though the discount is 25% this time ($10 maximum savings). » 12/16/14 6:05pm 12/16/14 6:05pm

This Olive Garden Pasta Pass Holder Is Having the Time of His Life

Everybody was skeptical back in September, when Olive Garden debuted their $100 never-ending pasta passes. How could you possibly get your money's worth without utterly wrecking your health (or at least your digestion)? Well, one North Carolina man says he's eaten $1,510 worth of pasta and he feels just fine. » 11/04/14 1:50pm 11/04/14 1:50pm

James Franco Could Direct a Movie About the Making of The Room

In what can only be described as the James Franco-iest move of all James Franco moves, the actor-director-writer-artist-filmmaker-soapstar-heartthrob (what did I leave out here) is reportedly set to direct a film about the making of one of the most legendary "bad" films of all time, Tommy Wiseau's The Room. » 2/11/14 10:30pm 2/11/14 10:30pm

Why Are You Offering Me Discounted Liposuction? Are You Calling Me Fat?

You guys, remember when the idea of liposuction, Botox, body contouring and Brazilian butt-lifts were only "dreams" to us mere mortals, reserved for the frozen-faced reality stars and one percent's trophy spouses? Well, move over you man-made celebubots: Lifebooker is making it affordable for us all. But I'm not so… » 11/14/12 2:05pm 11/14/12 2:05pm