Your Afternoon Cry: The Latest 'Child Hears for the First Time' Video

Search "cochlear implant" on YouTube and the first result that fills in is "hearing for the first time." You'll get 54,000 results for that phrase, with a variety of videos of children, teens and adults sitting in a doctors office, listening to their loved one talk, with shocked expressions on their faces. The latest… »6/21/13 4:20pm6/21/13 4:20pm


This Holiday Season, Kids Will Be Getting American Girl Dolls With Hearing Aids and Allergy-Free Lunches

When American Girl Dolls hit the market in 1986, the focus was on American History and how little girls lived during various eras of our nation's development. But over the years, the company has expanded the types of dolls it manufactures. In the 1990s, a customizable American Girl was created, and it was a hit:… »11/27/12 2:30pm11/27/12 2:30pm

Deaf Dog Learns Sign Language From Prison Inmates

Sparky, a 1-year-old deaf dachshund, has been trained to understand sign language in a program that pairs rescue dogs with prison inmates, the New York Daily News reports. After teaching Sparky signs for "no," "sit," "lay down," "stay," "stop" and "heel," over the course of eight weeks, inmates at the South Central… »2/10/11 10:30am2/10/11 10:30am

It Was 28 Years Ago Today • Girl Goes Deaf After Sloppy Smooch

• John Lennon was murdered 28 years ago on this day and Yoko Ono has released one of the pictures of Lennon shortly before he died to Boing Boing. • A new study suggests that domestic dogs can experience a simple form of envy. • A Florida man who plays the part of a Santa for pets has been peed and pooped on by… »12/08/08 5:20pm12/08/08 5:20pm