Power Gossip Nikki Finke May Get Fired, But She'll Never Be Done

Feared Hollywood reporter/blogger/gossipmonger Nikki Finke might have been fired by Deadline.com. Why should this matter to anyone who's not Hollywood? Because it matters to people who decide what matters – and because Finke gets what she wants. » 6/03/13 10:30am 6/03/13 10:30am

New Show Promises to Find the New Marilyn Monroe, But Do We Really…

There's no denying that Marilyn Monroe had an unusually potent combination of sex, innocence, beauty and charm, but at some point maybe we should think about retiring her ultimate bombshell jersey and letting her rest in relative peace. For one thing, she had an incredibly sad life in many ways—and she met an even… » 4/12/12 10:00pm 4/12/12 10:00pm

Saturday Night Live Hires New Female Cast Member

Good news for people who enjoy funny ladies on television: Saturday Night Live has just added Kate McKinnon to their cast as a featured player. Deadline is reporting that she'll being thrown right into the mix, making her debut on the next SNL on April 7th. It's great to see SNL bringing a fresh female face into the… » 3/28/12 11:15pm 3/28/12 11:15pm