Elaine Stritch, Salty Broad of Broadway, Is Dead at 89

Broadway legend Elaine Stritch passed away Thursday morning at her home in Birmingham, Michigan. She was 89. Little is known so far about her death, but one thing is for certain: Stritch knew how to live. » 7/17/14 1:30pm 7/17/14 1:30pm

Elmore Leonard Was Great To Women

Elmore Leonard passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 87 of a stroke, "at home surrounded by his loving family." If you're not familiar with this man with a particularly notable name, he was an author who wrote best-selling books about, as the AP put it in one particularly artful tweet, "schemers, clever conmen… » 8/20/13 3:10pm 8/20/13 3:10pm

Talented Almost-Mermaid Esther Williams Has Died

The woman who made water cool before Michael Phelps ever came around, Esther Williams, died Thursday at the age of 91, reports the New York Times. » 6/06/13 3:20pm 6/06/13 3:20pm

Country Singer Mindy McCready Kills Herself One Month After Boyfriend's…

Long-suffering country music singer Mindy McCready was found dead via a gunshot wound to the head yesterday afternoon on her porch—the same location that David Wilson, McCready's self-declared "soulmate," took his own life almost exactly a month ago—in Cleburn County, Arkansas. She was 37. McCready's problems arguably… » 2/18/13 9:00am 2/18/13 9:00am

Usher's Stepson Kyle Glover Has Died

Some really sad news: after being injured on July 8th in a Jetski accident on Lake Lanier, Usher's 11-year-old stepson Kyle Glover was removed from life support and passed away this morning. » 7/21/12 1:00pm 7/21/12 1:00pm

Sylvester's Son Sage Stallone Found Dead In His Apartment

Sage Stallone, who played Rocky's son opposite real-life father Sylvester Stallone in 1990's Rocky 5, has passed away at 36. He was found in his Los Angeles apartment when his concerned housekeeper called the authorities, who say that that there was "no personal contact" with Stallone in the days before his death.… » 7/14/12 11:30am 7/14/12 11:30am

Louis CK Cast A Black Actress As The Mother Of His White Kids And…

Louis CK, continuing to carve out a niche for himself as Sort Of Genius/the Lethargic Husky Dream Man of men and women across the nation with dark senses of humor and minor clinical depression, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night fielding questions about his choice to cast a black woman (after valiantly Googling, it… » 6/27/12 9:00am 6/27/12 9:00am

Fashion Publicist And Author Erica Kennedy Has Died

Author, blogger and creative consultant Erica Kennedy passed away yesterday at the age of 42 in Miami Beach, Florida. For now, the cause of death is unknown. Kennedy began her career as a special correspondent to the New York Daily News and contributed to Vibe, In Style, Paper and Elle UK. (Here's a great thing she… » 6/16/12 6:00pm 6/16/12 6:00pm

Robert Kennedy Jr's Wife Found Dead at 52

In what is an unfortunate recurring theme for the Kennedy family, another of its members has died fairly young and under somewhat mysterious circumstances. Today police discovered the body of Mary Kennedy, who is the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, at her home. The couple filed for divorce back in 2010, after… » 5/16/12 10:00pm 5/16/12 10:00pm

Morgue Miracle Baby Is on the Mend

For Analia Bouguet the past week has been the very definition of an emotional rollercoaster. First the woman, who lives in Argentina, gave birth in her local hospital to a baby that was born three months premature. The girl was pronounced stillborn immediately. Without allowing Analia to see the baby, they sent her… » 4/12/12 10:00am 4/12/12 10:00am

Why Can't the Mormon Church Stop Baptizing Anne Frank?

There's been some chatter in the news lately about the Mormon church's bizarre habit of baptizing non-Mormons who have died. They've done it on all kinds of famous deceased people—Elvis, Shakespeare, and even Jesus Christ himself. This past weekend they baptized Anne Frank, WWII diarist and victim of the Holocaust.… » 2/22/12 11:55pm 2/22/12 11:55pm

Our Go-To Mortician Reveals Her Favorite Death Custom

Putrefaction! Skin slip! Flesh removal! Corpse cutters! All these words can only mean one thing: Episode three of Ask A Mortician is here. This week, Caitlin, our new favorite mortician, tells us about what happens to dead bodies in the Himalayas. The circle of life is so violently happy. » 11/30/11 4:25pm 11/30/11 4:25pm

Knut Zookeeper Found Dead • Cloistered Spanish Nuns Start Cooking Show

• Thomas Doerflein, the German zookeeper who cared for Knut, was found dead » 9/22/08 5:30pm 9/22/08 5:30pm in his Berlin apartment today. He was 44. • Baleka Mbete may become the after the forced resignation of Thabo Mbeki and before the installment of future South African President Jacob Zuma who cannot take over the country just yet because he…

Adopted Panda Passes Away • Woman Buys Baby For $1,000

Sad news: Remember that baby red panda that was adopted by a domestic cat and her four kittens? The panda died, apparently after choking on milk. • Russia's booming economy (combined with weak borders and no laws for victim's rights) means more sex slaves and human trafficking. • An Army training plan to shoot live… » 7/18/08 5:30pm 7/18/08 5:30pm

Williams Sisters Closer To Wimbledon Finals • Ignored Woman Dies On ER…

The Williams sisters could both qualify for the Wimbledon final as they both reached the semifinals. • Missouri, the home of Megan Meier, has outlawed harassment via computers, text messages and other electronic devices. • A woman collapsed and was ignored by patients, doctors, and security guards as she died on the… » 7/01/08 5:40pm 7/01/08 5:40pm

Dearly Departed

Meet Kotoko Sato. She's a makeup artist whose clients have very special needs, though they never express them. Sato teamed up with Japanese cosmetics firm Falf Inc. to market Delfino: Beauty products for the dead. Delfino cosmetics contain silver compounds and titanium dioxide, chemicals that have antibacterial… » 5/19/08 3:30pm 5/19/08 3:30pm