Fox News Mad that The View Was Totally Mean to Ann Romney

Today's episode of The View was supposed to boast a double shot of Romney, but when Mitt backed out due to "scheduling conflicts," his nice wife Ann appeared on the program by herself. And when the hosts of the show asked her about issues rather than gently tossing her nice, Ann-appropriate softballs, the outrage… »10/18/12 4:00pm10/18/12 4:00pm

Ann Curry's Cute Summer Dress Costs More Than Your Rent

This morning on Today, Ann Curry wore a simple, adorable A-line shift dress with bright, happy flower appliqués. Charming, summery, fresh. A cursory search reveals that it is the "Fleurty dress" in cream, by Lisa Perry. Price tag? $1295. Repeat: Thirteen hundred U.S. dollars. It's super cute! But — correct me if I am… »8/11/11 1:15pm8/11/11 1:15pm