If Sequins Could Kill, The Daytime Emmys Were Deadly

Whether it was metallic fabric, Swarovski crystals, or paillettes, you could've gone blind from all of the glimmering. »6/20/11 11:44am6/20/11 11:44am

As though it weren't tacky enough that Denise Vasi wore a gown covered with sequined lips, she didn't even have the decency to match her own lipstick to it. Considering that she bedazzled her…

You Give Me Fever: Heat Goes to Daytime Actors' Heads; Poor Fashion Choices Are Made.

It's been really hot here in New York. For those of us sans AC, really, really hot. Personally, I've been lounging around in a kimono like something out of a Tennessee Williams play. And one can only assume that "Nikki Midtown", where the 19th Annual Pre-Daytime Emmy Awards Party (or APDEAP, as it's known on my… »6/12/08 10:30am6/12/08 10:30am