Paid Parental Leave Is a Matter of Life and Death 

Like many parents, Amber Scorah tried to blot out worst-case scenarios when she dropped off her three-month-old son Karl for the first time at a well-regarded daycare in SoHo. She wasn’t ready to outsource his care to strangers—what if something happened? But the caregiver assured her the worst thing that could happen… »11/17/15 12:30pm11/17/15 12:30pm


Daycare Employees Who Started a 'Baby Fight Club' Are Headed to Court

The first rule of Baby Fight Club is: You do not put videos of your Baby Fight Club on Snapchat. If you break that [incredibly important] rule of Baby Fight Club, you will probably be fired from your job and charged with “endangering the welfare of a child.” This is, for the most part, what happened to two New Jersey… »9/04/15 1:30pm9/04/15 1:30pm

Employees of Day Care Center Charged With Running a Kids ‘Fight Club’

Two former staff members of a New Jersey children’s day care center have been accused of encouraging young children to engage in physical brawls with each other. The incidents, which happened under the supervision of 22-year-old Erica Kenny and 28-year-old Chanese White at Lightbridge Academy, were also posted on… »9/02/15 9:30pm9/02/15 9:30pm

Daycare Workers Arrested for Allegedly Making a ‘Toddler Fights’ Video

At a daycare center that is apparently owned and operated by George Bluth, Sr., three workers allegedly videotaped a fight between the toddlers in their care, thus creating their very own, real-life version of "Boy Fights," which, as it turns out, isn't very funny without Ron Howard's sardonic narration. »8/21/12 10:25pm8/21/12 10:25pm

16 & Pregnant: When A High School Provides On-Campus Daycare

Last night's episode of 16 & Pregnant took place in Asheville, NC, where teen mom Jamie was provided with free transportation for her infant as well as free on-campus daycare at her public high school. Free for Jamie that is. According to the North Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy… »5/04/11 1:35pm5/04/11 1:35pm