Courtney Love's Alter Ego Twitter Accounts Don't Get Along

Courtney Love's official Twitter account, @courtney, is almost as infamous as the rocker herself. Last year, after calling fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir a "prostitute," "drug-dealer," and "thief" via the microsharing site, Love agreed to pay Simorangkir $430,000 in the first ever Twitter defamation settlement. Since… » 2/04/12 6:20pm 2/04/12 6:20pm

Is Courtney Love's Twitter Respected Enough To Warrant A Lawsuit?

C. Love is headed to court again, being sued for comments she made on Twitter. As this is the first-ever high-profile defamation lawsuit over a celebrity's Tweets, it could set a precedent for how the Twitter platform is viewed. » 1/05/11 4:40pm 1/05/11 4:40pm