Watch Twin Peaks Stars Plea for David Lynch to Return 

As previously reported, Twin Peaks is coming back! (YEAHHH!) But then David Lynch backed out because Showtime isn't giving him enough money to realize his vision. (NOOO!) But now, the original cast has made a collective video plea for his return (YEAHHH!) and it's awesome to see the crew back in the game, even the… »4/08/15 2:00pm4/08/15 2:00pm

Judge Revokes Chris Brown's Probation--Could Mean 4 Years in Prison

As a result of Chris Brown's recent hit-and-run charges (from an accident in May, in which Brown rear-ended another car and peaced out, allegedly without providing ID or insurance info), a judge has revoked his probation. Brown will face a probation violation hearing next month, and if that judge decides that he… »7/15/13 8:20pm7/15/13 8:20pm