It's Official: Twin Peaks Will Return!

Yes, it's happening. No more vague tweets about a possible return; co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have come together with Showtime to announce via video that TWIN PEAKS IS BACK!!!!! [UPDATED] » 10/06/14 8:44am 10/06/14 8:44am

Britney Spears and David Lynch Are Both Making Bras Now

Elusive chanteuse Britney Spears and famed weirdo director/ transcendental meditation enthusiast/ amazing Louie guest star David Lynch are launching their own respective lines of women's wear. Both contain bras. » 7/24/14 9:40am 7/24/14 9:40am

Judge Revokes Chris Brown's Probation--Could Mean 4 Years in Prison

As a result of Chris Brown's recent hit-and-run charges (from an accident in May, in which Brown rear-ended another car and peaced out, allegedly without providing ID or insurance info), a judge has revoked his probation. Brown will face a probation violation hearing next month, and if that judge decides that he… » 7/15/13 8:20pm 7/15/13 8:20pm

Guess What David Lynch Is Thinking About

In today's Tweet Beat, David Lynch is thinking important thoughts, Paris Hilton reflects on the Bling Ring, and One Direction has released a perfume that might just smell like hot garbage. » 6/06/13 7:30pm 6/06/13 7:30pm

Sofia Vergara Is Engaged and the Mayan Gods Are Pleased

After serious journalistic reports came in that Sofia Vergara was wearing a "sparkly ring," we sat up all night, vigilant, waiting to see if she had indeed been proposed to on her Mexican vacation with boyfriend Nick Loeb. (Remember that scene in Secretary when she's sitting at the desk in her wedding gown for days… » 7/11/12 9:00am 7/11/12 9:00am

David Lynch Is Making Friends with Birds

In today's Tweet Beat, David Lynch is a regular Snow White, Chloe Moretz has no filter, Lisa Rinna's living in Bonnie Raitt's sloppy seconds and Kyle Richards wants your thoughts on placenta-eating.
» 4/12/12 7:30pm 4/12/12 7:30pm

The Night Belongs to David Lynch

Everybody, today is David Lynch's 66th birthday. You know what that means, don't you? It means that a whole bunch of tiny people come out of your faucet, a guy dressed as a firefighter knocks on your door to deliver a death threat, and Laura Dern smokes crack on your couch. Or you could just watch this insane video,… » 1/20/12 6:10pm 1/20/12 6:10pm

Pregnant Country Singer Mindy McCready And Her 5-Year-Old Son Finally…

Four days after they were reported missing, country star Mindy McCready and her 5-year-old son Zander were found hiding in a closet in an Arkansas home and the boy has since been taken into custody. » 12/03/11 11:25am 12/03/11 11:25am

Jennifer Aniston Being Branded A Homewrecker

So. You know that Jennifer Aniston is dating Justin Theroux. Did you know that Justin Theroux just ended is 14 year relationship with his girlfriend, Heidi Bivens? As in: She moved out over the weekend. Hence a headline insinuating that Jen is a "homewrecker." Bivens is "devastated," and the column at the link is sure… » 6/14/11 9:00am 6/14/11 9:00am

Toni Braxton Says Early '90s Plastic Surgery Doesn't Count

Today in Tweet Beat, Toni Braxton hasn't had any plastic surgery, except for those times when she did. Plus, Nick Cannon wants to talk about homophobia. » 12/08/10 7:30pm 12/08/10 7:30pm

Avril Lavigne's Perfume Is So Edgy

You Don't Want To Be On Ice-T's Bad Side

Today in Tweet Beat, Ice-T is not in a good mood today, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany (and a gun?) are hanging out together, and with Jon Gosselin, it's the same shit, different girlfriend. » 7/09/10 7:45pm 7/09/10 7:45pm

Heidi Montag Hits On Justin Bieber Via Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Heidi is trying out that "cougar" thing, Mary-Kate Olsen likes it when you tell her that she's pretty, and Adrianne Curry might be pregnant but hopes that she's not. » 6/21/10 8:00pm 6/21/10 8:00pm

Courtney Love's Twitter Binge Is Very Confusing

Today in Tweet Beat, Courtney Love is saying a lot of stuff, but very little of it makes sense. Also, David Lynch shares his plans for the weekend. » 6/18/10 7:30pm 6/18/10 7:30pm

Dior Handbags Not Helped By David Lynch "Film"

Lady Blue Shanghai, is, in true David Lynch form, a weird, surreal tale, starring Marion Cotillard and complete with moody music and wafting smoke. But unlike Lynch's other films, this one is really a commercial. For Dior. » 5/17/10 8:00pm 5/17/10 8:00pm

Elizabeth Taylor Addresses Michael Jackson Gay Rumors

Today in Tweet Beat, Elizabeth Taylor goes after MJ's shady dermatologist for saying he supplied the King of Pop with lovers. Meanwhile Kathie Lee Gifford is really regretting taking her makeup off on Today this morning. » 5/13/10 8:00pm 5/13/10 8:00pm

David Lynch Is Very Crafty

Today in Tweet Beat, director David Lynch builds tchotchkes in his spare time, Roger Ebert describes the scene in Cannes, and Amanda Bynes is one of those—you know, people who wear non-prescription eyeglasses. » 5/12/10 8:00pm 5/12/10 8:00pm

Terry Richardson Puts A Wiener In His Mouth

Today in Tweet Beat, photographer Terry Richardson bites a weenie, Big Daddy Kane gets married, and Jimmy Fallon and Joy Behar weirdly resemble each other. » 5/03/10 8:00pm 5/03/10 8:00pm

"Haters" Ruining Twitter For Lisa Rinna

Today in Tweet Beat, Lisa Rinna doesn't want to read negative Twitter replies, Courtney Love is weening herself off of Abilify, and Karl Lagerfeld doesn't care about stuff. » 4/30/10 8:00pm 4/30/10 8:00pm

Kristen Bell Goes Barefoot Today For Something Or Other

Today in Tweet Beat, a shoe company pays Kristen Bell to go barefoot for the day to raise awareness about shoelessness, Dita Von Teese explains the torture of glamor, and Andrew WK, age 10. » 4/08/10 8:00pm 4/08/10 8:00pm