David Hasselhoff's Ibiza DJ Musical Is All of My Wildest Dreams Realized

To what magical twist of fate do we owe this beautiful occurrence? David Hasselhoff has been starring as a CLUB DJ in a STAGE MUSICAL about IBIZA, called Last Night a DJ Saved My Life after the seminal Indeep song and subsequent historical text by Bill Brewster. People whose spiritual Venn Diagram intersects at club… »11/06/15 11:50am11/06/15 11:50am


Lindsay Lohan's Not On Drugs But Having Trouble Making It to Court

I mean, how hard is it to catch a flight? This is a rhetorical question for Lindsay Lohan, who missed her plane last night from New York to attend her trial in L.A. this morning. (We're now on her twenty-something trial. When you move into the double digits, you should get a free Shakeweight or some turtle wax or an… »3/18/13 9:00am3/18/13 9:00am

Tense Divorce Is Causing Kim Kardashian's Fetus to Stress-Binge on Placenta, Cookie Dough

In case you forgot, Kim Kardashian is still married to Kris Humphries, and he's still dragging his feet on granting her a divorce. But now Kim's lawyers are trying a new angle to speed up the proceedings—they claim that all this protracted angst is stressing out Kim's fetus and endangering its health. Humphries needs… »2/06/13 8:00pm2/06/13 8:00pm

Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Don't Do It Anymore, Might Divorce

After fifteen years of marriage (and a fair amount of that spent in couples therapy, apparently), two of the final standing members of the Un-Divorced Hollywood Old Guard, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, might be almost ready to call it quits. This spring, Banderas was seen getting all up on another woman at a… »7/20/12 9:00am7/20/12 9:00am

What the Hell is Going on in this David Hasselhoff Lean Pockets Commercial?

We don't even know where to start with this Lean Pockets commercial starring David Hasselhoff's "German cousin 'Mr Lean.'" All pitiful attempts to be funny/quirky/politically incorrect in a charming way are as fruitless as the Hoff's half-assed accent. It's both confusing and disturbing at the same time, and reminds… »6/15/12 7:40pm6/15/12 7:40pm

Andy Samberg Ambles Jovially Off Saturday Night Live To Rubber-Face Proudly Into The Future

After a seven year stint on Saturday Night Live, his main contribution being the Interwebizing of the archaic, yet occasionally (rarely) still legit great sketch comedy mainstay, professional silly person and Digital Shorts pioneer Andy Samberg is leaving for greener pastures, spurred by Kristen Wiig's recent… »6/02/12 11:30am6/02/12 11:30am

Paul Rudd Wishes Other Filmmakers Besides Judd Apatow Paid Attention to Him

I always just assumed that Judd Apatow's posse made every single movie together because it seems like a huge blast to spend months on set with your hilarious best friends, but Paul Rudd says his solid spot in the Apatow clan is only "about half-half deliberate" and that he doesn't often get the roles he wants when he… »3/03/12 11:00am3/03/12 11:00am