Let These Dog and Pig Friends Enjoy a Playful Romp All Over Your Heart

Dogs and pigs, living together — what's the world coming to if not one giant, adorable menagerie in which all the fuzzy animals love and nuzzle each other and all the bugs leave on a spaceship for a planet where they'll be more appreciated? It also seems about right to echo David Foster Wallace's incredulity at the… » 6/03/12 3:30pm 6/03/12 3:30pm

David Foster Wallace: A Fellow Of Infinite Jest

Many of you have already read that writer David Foster Wallace was found dead » 9/15/08 2:40pm 9/15/08 2:40pm on Saturday, having hanged himself in his Claremont, California home. Some of you are probably deeply saddened by this news, while others are wondering who Wallace was. This post is for both groups.David Foster Wallace was a novelist,…