David Cross and Amber Tamblyn's PSA on ‘Gynoticians’

In this PSA, newlyweds Amber Tamblyn and David Cross demonstrate just how stupid and ridiculous (and scary) it is for politicians to think they are at all qualified to restrict women's access to affordable healthcare, contraception, and safe and legal abortion based on their own personal feelings rather than, you… » 7/26/13 12:40pm 7/26/13 12:40pm

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross's Wedding Was Basically an Alt-Music…

"Yo La Tengo playing Superchunk, Mission of Burma and Pixies covers" is one unsurprising description of Amber Tamblyn and David Cross' cool-as-fuck nuptials. Tobias Fünke, 48, and Joan of Arcadia, 29, have been dating for the last four years, and this is the first marriage for both of them. Filmmaker Lance Bangs, in… » 10/08/12 9:00am 10/08/12 9:00am

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's TV round up, Al Roker throws shade at Matt Lauer, Ryan Lochte is confused by Kristen Bell, Beyonce goes on Anderson 360 and a boy band reunites. » 8/17/12 7:00pm 8/17/12 7:00pm

According to Jon Stewart, NBC anchor Brian William's relationship with his dog Qawwali, "a furry love bucket," creeps everyone out.

Things Learned At The Arrested Development Reunion (Besides That…

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Arrested Development reunion at the New Yorker Festival, and by "extreme pleasure," I promise I'm not exaggerating. Being a mega-fan of the show a since it first aired, I found myself simultaneously cheering, clapping, and half-crying while my insides fluttered… » 10/03/11 7:00pm 10/03/11 7:00pm

Chelsea Handler's Chaz Bono Joke Pisses Off GLAAD

Chelsea Handler is currently being "dissed" by GLAAD over remarks she made about Chaz Bono —or as she called him, "Chastity Bono before she got her penis". » 9/02/11 8:00pm 9/02/11 8:00pm

Saying "Literally" All The Time Is Literally An Issue

Misuse of "literally" has whipped some people into such a frenzy, they were moved to create a blog documenting these offenses to English. It's literally awesome. » 1/27/11 6:23pm 1/27/11 6:23pm

Angelina: Shiloh Begged To Have Her Hair Cut

New Moon Breaks Records; Amy Proposes To Blake

Heigl To Blame For 17-Hour Shoot; Mad Men Actress Told To Bulk Up; Jude…

Madonna's Adopted Child Has A Posse

Miley Cyrus: "Stop Calling Me Fat"

Loose Lips

David Cross, 44, and Amber Tamblyn, 25, long rumored to be hooking up, made a public appearance as a couple » 8/05/08 11:45am 8/05/08 11:45am earlier this week whilst out walking an adorable doggie. Apparently he's getting into her • were spotted wrasslin in their skivvies as part of the "plot" of the upcoming film , sure to be an Oscar contender. •…

Mark Ronson: Hot Off The Market?