In Britain, Be Ready to Say Buh-Bye to Porn or Declare You Want It

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Monday that if you want those naked moving images, you've got to say it. In what is being called "most dramatic step by the government to crack down on the 'corroding' influence of pornography on childhood," Britain plans to make it so that every person must tell their… » 7/22/13 10:25am 7/22/13 10:25am

British Writer Bemoans David Cameron’s Lack of Sartorial Joie

In the arena of foreign policy, sartorial choices aren’t just personal statements about how hopelessly conventional world leaders want us to believe they are. The clothes a president or prime minister or emperor or consul or khaleesi chooses to wear will inevitably speak to the national character of the people that… » 6/22/13 4:00pm 6/22/13 4:00pm

The Rape Conviction Rate In Britain Is Pathetically Low

Less than 6% of rapes reported in England lead to convictions — and that's out of as few as 10% of rapes that are reported in the first place. I'm no mathematician, but the good people at the Washington Post have underscore the fact that those statistics are deplorable. The well-researched article by the Post's Mary… » 5/29/08 3:30pm 5/29/08 3:30pm

Kate Moss: Not-So-Super Role Model To Schoolgirls

  • Is Kate Moss sending a bad message to Britain's schoolgirls? Some teachers think that England's failure to prosecute Kate for her documented cocaine use in 2005 undermined the country's anti-drug efforts. "Teenagers need to see people who have broken the law suffer the consequences,' said Pat Langham, president of…
  • » 11/12/07 5:00pm 11/12/07 5:00pm