People Won't Stop Naming Shit After Sir David Attenborough

Another day, another something named after the famed voice of classy nature television Sir David Attenborough. This time it's an entire damned genus of rare African plants with "fleshy flowers." Sir David Attenborough sighs, looks at his Wikipedia page, wonders where he's gonna fit all this. » 2/04/15 4:30pm 2/04/15 4:30pm

David Attenborough Turns Curling Into a Majestic Nature Documentary

Naturalist David Attenborough is known for being one of the best nature documentary narrators in the business. His voice is soothing (so soothing that I once fell asleep at the Natural History Museum while listening to him explain the evolution of pterodactyls — one of the best naps of my life, btw) and his vast… » 2/19/14 5:50pm 2/19/14 5:50pm

Animal Shows, Ranked

When I'm sleepy but I can't sleep, there's only one medicine that does the job. And that medicine is...medicine. But when medicine isn't available, because I went through my Ambien prescription too fast like a shambling snooze-junkie so my doctor was all "WTF bro" and cut me off, I turn to the second-best thing: MY… » 12/27/13 11:30am 12/27/13 11:30am

How to Make Turtle Sex a Real Classy Affair, With Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough was on The Graham Norton Show recently where he was asked by the host to add his famous voice to a popular viral video of a tortoise making sweet sweet love to a shoe. Suddenly, the whole thing seems a lot more highbrow. » 5/29/12 3:00pm 5/29/12 3:00pm