Awful Person Now in Possession of Disgusting John Edwards Sex Tape

After years of legal grappling, the X-rated extramarital sex tape involving ex-respectable politician John Edwards, his pantsless mistress Rielle Hunter, and the murder of everything you find beautiful and precious in the world is now safely in the hands of a woman who surely would never to think to profit from it.… » 2/23/12 7:10pm 2/23/12 7:10pm

Rose McGowan & Robert Rodriguez: Splitsville

  • Whoa. Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan are dunzo. She was supposed to star in his remake of Barbarella, but studio moguls wanted "a bigger star, a bigger name." Now the flick might have - wait for it - Jessica Alba as the lead. What a fucking mess. But yeah, the whole leaving your wife for the chick in your movie…
  • » 7/02/08 9:00am 7/02/08 9:00am