Dave Grohl's Sonic Highways Systematically Erases Women in Music

Last month, the Foo Fighters released their eighth album, Sonic Highways, which the band recorded under a simple, perhaps noble concept: travel to eight cities in the United States, explore the unique musical culture that sprung up there, and with that history in mind, record a new song inspired by each locale. » 12/05/14 5:30pm 12/05/14 5:30pm

New Collabo Alert: Lorde, Pharrell, One Direction, an Actual Tiger

You know what they say about too much personality in one room? Not since "We Are the World 2010" have this many awesomely random people been in one spot, covering the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" in a psychedelic-baroque theater. But for whom does one Harry Styles remove his bandanna? No one, not even for a 482-pound… » 10/07/14 7:45pm 10/07/14 7:45pm

Columbus Short Fired from Scandal Amidst Domestic Violence Allegations

Columbus Short will not be returning to Scandal. The actor, who has played Olivia Pope's main confidante and right-hand man, has been fired due to problems in his personal life, namely allegations that Short has been abusing his wife, Tanee McCall. Most recently, Short allegedly put a knife to McCall's throat and… » 4/26/14 11:30am 4/26/14 11:30am

The Wonderful, Wild and Vile Fashions of the Grammy Awards

Despite the fact that CBS issued a memo warning not to show off breasts, buttocks, or any "puffy" bare skin, celebrities attending the 55th annual Grammy Awards last night embraced sheer fabrics, exposed breast curvature and even displayed nipples. That said, it wasn't a very exciting night for fashion; there were… » 2/11/13 11:20am 2/11/13 11:20am

Fearing for Its Life, Courtney Love’s Twitter Account Apologizes to…

It's probably safe to say that Courtney Love is no longer part of our physical world — she's been zapped into the internet and is now a disembodied consciousness, able to communicate only through Twitter, 140 frustrating characters at a time, like Brainiac in the Superman comics...or so I've heard from people who read… » 4/15/12 11:00am 4/15/12 11:00am

Frances Bean Cobain Calls Courtney Love Her 'Biological Mother,' Says…

The notoriously prolific and unstable tweeter Courtney Love went on a rant accusing former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl of hitting on and sleeping with her 19-year-old daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. And now she's being called out on her bullshit. Grohl has already denied the charge, but Frances has just released a sharp… » 4/12/12 8:00pm 4/12/12 8:00pm

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: John Who?

  • Jennifer Aniston had dinner with Gerard Butler at L.A.'s Tower Bar — days after eating there with John Mayer. Don't hate the player, hate the game. [Page Six]
  • Amy Winehouse was in the hospital last night, being checked out for a chest infection. Is it related to the emphysema she was diagnosed with in June? [Mirror]
  • » 10/27/08 9:00am 10/27/08 9:00am

Britney Spears' Very, Very, Very Bad Year

  • Just so we're clear: Britney's former bodyguard is prepared to testify on issues of drug use and safety issues regarding the children. [Reuters]
  • In addition, Britney's lawyer and manager quit. [Page Six]
  • And sources say Britney will temporarily lose custody of the kids. [Fox News]
  • Rosie O'Donnell "gracefully declined"…
  • » 9/18/07 9:00am 9/18/07 9:00am