I Know You Think Our Jobs Are Slipping Away But Baby That's All In Your Mind

So, I'm clicking around the internet looking for a funny picture to illustrate a somewhat, uh, summery Crappy Hour and what do I land upon but this charming photo of Megan McCain meeting Henry Kissinger. Hey, what's our towheaded blogette been up to anyway? Would you guess that directly underneath the Kissinger photo… »7/11/08 10:30am7/11/08 10:30am

What Happens When People Stop Beating Their Wives And Start Being Real…Politicians?

Kevin Powell, that guy from the first season of the Real World, is running for Congress, and the best comedian in the history of all comedy is performing a fundraiser for him tonight. I wonder if he'll riff on the John McCain "I stopped beating my wife" joke, since that literally is Kevin Powell's pitch to voters;… »7/09/08 5:20pm7/09/08 5:20pm

Lindsay Lohan To Ashley Olsen: Back Off Of My Girl Sam

  • Lindsay Lohan: Protective of lady love Samantha Ronson. A source says "Ashley Olsen said hello to Sam at [NYC hotspot Beatrice Inn], and Lindsay screamed at her, 'Get your 15-year-old Full House ass away from my girlfriend.'" [Page Six]
  • And don't forget! Even though LL was in AA, she downed vodka cocktails all night. [
  • »4/22/08 9:00am4/22/08 9:00am

Hillary And Barack Can't Morph Into One Supercandidate, But Wouldn't It Be Cool If They Could?

  • Yeah, how do we know when the this fucking nomination process has gone on too long? When the candidates' lives have not only been covered breathlessly in US Weekly, ostensibly dignified magazines like The New Republic have started co-opting their "if they mated" feature. [TNR]
  • The Hillary campaign is now pinning its…
  • »3/24/08 5:30pm3/24/08 5:30pm