5-year-old girl discussing Leia's slave outfit with her dad is pure gold

Adam Buxton recorded a conversation with his 5-year-old daughter discussing her thoughts on Princess Leia's famous slave outfit. She is hilarious by herself but when he got The Brothers McLeod to animate her words, it all turned into pure comedic gold. One of the cutest things I've watched this year. »12/21/14 3:32pm12/21/14 3:32pm

Gillian Anderson Would Rather Her Daughter Not Chase After Men

Gillian Anderson, the disbelieving Agent Scully from The X-Files, was a bit of a romantic when she was a young, Los Angeles-bound woman, and though following her then-boyfriend from New York to L.A. eventually led to her getting the sweet X-Files gig at the age of 24, she hopes her daughter doesn’t succumb to such… »5/05/13 5:00pm5/05/13 5:00pm

Swedish Doctors Carry-Out First Successful Mother-Daughter Uterus Transplant Twice, Just to Show Off

More than a year after kicking around the procedure's viability, doctors at the University of Goteborg in Sweden have performed the first mother-to-daughter uterus transplants, though they're saving all the back-patting for when (or if) the daughters, who began IVF treatment before the surgery, actually conceive. »9/18/12 9:15pm9/18/12 9:15pm

Watch a Little Girl On Monkey Bars Indecisively Yell At Her Dad

Like the best of us, little Riley attempts establish her independence while also pooping herself in fear of falling down. Watch her yell "I need you! I don't need you! I need you! I don't need you!" as her nervous, befuddled dad waits for her to make up her mind. Welcome to the club, Riley. Dad, you better get used… »7/21/12 12:00pm7/21/12 12:00pm

Poor Moms Invest More in Their Daughters, Rich Moms Invest More in Their Sons

You might not think that a mother's breastmilk would vary much based on the sex of her offspring, but you would be wrong. It turns out a new study has found that when mothers in Kenya were poor, they produced fattier breast milk for their girls than they did for their boys. The roots of this research can be traced… »6/24/12 9:45pm6/24/12 9:45pm

Alleged Abuse Threatens to Topple a Televangelism Empire

Many a famous televangelist has fallen from grace due to some ill-advised or criminal behavior—cheating on one's wife, pilfering money, frequenting gay prostitutes, etc. And now it appears that ultra-famous pastor Creflo Dollar, founder of World Changers Church International, is about to face a similar fate. The… »6/11/12 2:10pm6/11/12 2:10pm

Watch a Girl Go From Infant to Tween in Under Three Minutes

Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter Lotte once a week from the time she was born until she was 12 years old. He then edited down the massive amount of video into this short clip, which lets you see Lotte grow up right before your very eyes. What's especially cool is that In many of the shots she's talking, and even… »4/23/12 9:30am4/23/12 9:30am

Afghan Man Murders His Wife for Giving Birth to a Girl

In a truly awful act of violence, an Afghan man strangled his wife to death after she gave birth to a second daughter instead of the son he had wanted. The 22-year-old woman, whose name was Estorai, had previously told her family members that her husband was unhappy with the birth of their first daughter and had… »1/30/12 11:55pm1/30/12 11:55pm

This Five-Year-Old Girl's Thoughts on Famous Logos Will Blow Your Mind

Graphic Designer Adam Ladd sat his daughter down and showed her famous brand logos—from NBC to Starbucks. He recorded her impressions of each one, and the results are both adorable, insightful, and kind of heartbreaking. When it's laid out like this, you realize just how much commercialism kids her age are bombarded… »1/30/12 11:15pm1/30/12 11:15pm