Bristol Palin Loves Dancing on TV So Much She's Doing It Again

Even though she has her own program (on which she admits she's doing a terrible job disciplining her son, who utters words the FCC won't allow) Bristol Palin just can't get enough of the spotlight. The cast of Dancing With The Stars: All Stars has been announced, and your girl BriPal (Brilin?) is number one on the… »7/27/12 8:00pm7/27/12 8:00pm

Jessica Biel Is Finally Sporting An Engagement Ring From Justin Timberlake

For weeks and weeks, we've been speculating about whether Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were actually engaged or whether they were just toying with our fragile minds. There were definitely doubts—she wasn't wearing a ring, he celebrated his birthday without her—but now it appears they've gone and made it official. »2/20/12 8:00pm2/20/12 8:00pm