World's Worst Dating Website Asks Who You'd Want By Your Side During a 'Dark Night'-esque Tragedy

All hope for humanity is officially lost: Death and Taxes' Ned Hepburn received a press release from a dating website asking readers who they'd want by their side on a first date "IN THE EVENT OF A TRAGEDY LIKE THE DARK NIGHT MASSACRE." (Emphasis ours, out of emotional necessity.) »8/01/12 2:20pm8/01/12 2:20pm

Men Too Busy Saving Their Own Asses to Let Women and Children Go First

When a gunman opened fire on an Aurora, Colorado movie theater earlier this month, three men died protecting their girlfriends, while another ran from the theater, got in his truck, and drove away, saying later that he "went to get help." The media (us included) heaped praise on the the dead men, extolling them as… »7/31/12 11:30am7/31/12 11:30am

Here's That Dane Cook Aurora Shooting Joke You Never Asked For

Yeah, yeah. Comedy clubs are sacred spaces. Blah, blah, blah. But really, Dane, if you are going to crack a joke about a horrific and violent incident that took place a mere week ago and has left 12 people (two of whom were children) dead and nearly 60 people injured, at least — at least — make it worth it by being… »7/27/12 2:55pm7/27/12 2:55pm

Bringing a Baby to the Movies Isn't Bad Parenting, It's Bad Etiquette

After it was revealed that last week's tragic shooting in an Aurora, CO movie theater left a six-year-old little girl dead and a three-month-old infant injured, it was open fire on the parents. People publicly questioned why children so young would be brought to a midnight screening of a violent, PG-13 movie, with… »7/25/12 12:45pm7/25/12 12:45pm

Disturbing: Women on Twitter Think James Holmes Is 'Hot,' 'Sexy,' 'Cute'

On Monday the world got its first look at accused Aurora movie theater gunman James Holmes in action at his advisement hearing, telecast from a Colorado courtroom. Evidently the 24-year-old murder suspect made a good impression on some women, who took to Twitter to talk about how hot he is. That's right: a man who… »7/24/12 4:45pm7/24/12 4:45pm

Let's Not Blame the Aurora Shootings on James Holmes Not Getting Laid

Soon after a gunman opened fire on a Colorado movie theater killing 12 and injuring dozens, James Holmes freely gave himself up to authorities. And since his apprehension, we've gotten busy grasping, over and over, for what caused him to do this. He wasn't doing well at school! He wasn't Christian enough! He was… »7/24/12 11:40am7/24/12 11:40am

Ann Curry Returns to 'Today' for Colorado Shooting Coverage

And she's back: Three weeks after her quasi-abrupt exit from co-hosting the Today Show, Ann Curry returns to co-host the Today Show. NBC will be covering the Colorado shooting this weekend from Aurora, and Ann will be there to co-anchor the weekend edition of Today with her replacement, Savannah Guthrie. I'd like to… »7/20/12 8:00pm7/20/12 8:00pm

Republican Congressman Says Theater Shooting Could've Been Prevented With Guns & Jesus

Hours after a horrifying armed assault that claimed the lives of 12 people and injured dozens more at a Colorado screening of The Dark Knight Rises, Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert took to the radio airwaves to call the tragedy an "attack on Judeo-Christian beliefs" and surmise aloud what would have happened if… »7/20/12 4:00pm7/20/12 4:00pm

Violence on the Screen, Violence in Front of the Screen: Trying to Process the Dark Knight Shooting

Updates regarding last night's shooting at the Dark Knight Rises screening in Aurora, Colorado are dominating TV stations, online news outlets and Twitter feeds — and rightly so. People are injured, people are dead due to senseless violence. The 12 people shot dead and dozens of people injured were at a sold-out… »7/20/12 11:50am7/20/12 11:50am