Swimmer Dara Torres Just Misses Her Chance at a Record Sixth Olympics

At last night's Olympic swimming trials in Omaha, Dara Torres narrowly missed qualifying for her sixth Olympics. The 45-year-old finished fourth in the 50-meter freestyle and lost out on a spot on the team by just nine-hundredths of a second. Torres said afterward, "I'm used to winning, but that wasn't the goal here.… »7/03/12 9:30am7/03/12 9:30am

At 41, Dara Torres Is the Oldest Swimmer To Win A Silver Medal

If you're suffering from a case of Phelps phatigue, we nominate Dara Torres for your next aquatic object of affection. At 41, Torres became the oldest swimmer to win an Olympic silver medal in Sunday's 50-meter freestyle. In the clip above, Torres comes in just a hundredth »8/18/08 1:20pm8/18/08 1:20pm of a second behind German Britta Steffen, 24,…

"Ab-Session" With Olympic Bodies Is Not Just About Ogling Others

Not to focus too much on bods today after Badonkgate, and Dodai's piece about Olympic ogling »8/14/08 4:30pm8/14/08 4:30pm, but there are several articles about Olympians, exercise, and physique in the and that we feel compelled to turn our attention to, and they're about women comparing their bodies to those of other women. Let's start with ,…

41-Year Old Dara Torres Aims To Be Oldest Female Swimmer In Olympic History

Dara Torres broke her first world record in swimming at age 14, back in 1982. In subsequent years, she's been in four Olympics, and she's looking to compete in her fifth this year in Beijing. The 41-year-old will be the oldest female swimmer to compete in the games, according to a profile of Torres in yesterday's New… »6/30/08 1:30pm6/30/08 1:30pm