American Royalty Blue Ivy Got a Diamond Barbie For Her First Birthday

If you're Blue Ivy Carter, here is what you got as a reward for your first year on the planet, aside from the event itself, a lavish princess-themed soiree thrown on January 7th by Beyoncé and Jay-Z: a diamond-encrusted Barbie with white gold jewelry ($80,000), pink and white roses ($95,000) and a cake (over $2,000).… »1/14/13 9:00am1/14/13 9:00am


Tyra Banks Wants Babies Right Now Before Her Eggs Are Parboiled

Tyra Banks, entrepreneur, self-declared "fivehead" and human being as delightful as she is batshit, denied to Steve Harvey that she was recently romanced by the much-younger Drake as well as her America's Next Top Model co-star Robert Evans. In the process, she unleashed a crazed monologue that invokes Sarah Kane at… »10/17/12 9:00am10/17/12 9:00am

Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer Are Breaking Up for Some Inexplicable Reason

Russell Crowe and his wife of nine years, the Australian musician Danielle Spencer, are splitting up after nine years of marriage according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Crowe has been quite the busy-body, jetting back and forth between Australia and the States to film seven movies, including a biblical epic about… »10/14/12 2:30pm10/14/12 2:30pm