Pro-Wrestling Manager Apologizes for Making Dumbest Rape Joke Ever on Live Television

Last night, during a live broadcast of the WWE's Monday Night Raw, one of the wrestlers' managers (or, rather, an actor who plays the manager of an actorathlete who professionally wrestles) compared his charge to "Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel room... unstoppable," a tacky, stupid joke that was followed almost… »7/31/12 3:30pm7/31/12 3:30pm

Louis CK Wasn't Defending Daniel Tosh, Restores Faith in Humanity

Your comedy boyfriend Louis CK caused the stomachs of some of his female fans to drop precipitously last week when he sent what sure looked a lot like a supportive Tweet in the direction of Daniel "Release the Rape Hounds" Tosh. But it turns out it wasn't what it looked like, as the comedian explained on The Daily Show »7/17/12 10:00am7/17/12 10:00am

Daniel Tosh Reportedly Scrambling to Find Non-Rape Joke Before New Show Premieres Today

Comedian Daniel Tosh, fresh off opening a squirming can of rape worms by telling a female heckler that it would be funny if she got sexually assaulted by, like five guys, has a bit of a problem on his hands. His new show's first episode is scheduled to be shown at ComicCon today and according to a source, the whole… »7/13/12 11:10am7/13/12 11:10am

Melting Pile of Sadness Goo Courtney Love Allegedly Asked Her Assistant to Hire a 'Hacker'

Courtney Love's former assistant, Jessica LaBrie, is suing the singer for unspecified damages, "claiming Courtney intentionally withheld her salary because Jessica refused to 'commit fraudulent, unlawful, and unethical acts.'" Apparently Love wanted LaBrie to "hire a hacker" and forge some unspecified legal documents.… »7/10/12 8:45pm7/10/12 8:45pm

Jim Carrey Responds to Allegations that He's a Callous Baby-Abandoner

As you might remember from this morning, Jenny McCarthy is claiming that ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey has abandoned her 10-year-old autistic son Evan after their break-up. "I tell [Evan] that, someday, [he and Carrey will] cross paths, meet again...but it's hard," McCarthy said. "He's been in therapy. It's a process, he's… »6/06/12 8:30pm6/06/12 8:30pm

Comedy Central Encourages You to Sneak Up on Women and Touch Their Horrid Belly Fat

Until today, I hadn't watched nor particularly cared about Tosh.0, because sometimes it's more productive to ignore dumb sexist bullshit that you know will make you want to throw things at your television. But this recent segment, in which comedian Daniel Tosh asks viewers to record themselves sneaking up behind women… »4/12/12 3:45pm4/12/12 3:45pm