Huh, Here's Derek and Julianne Hough Dancing to Sia's 'Elastic Heart'

Not being an avid Dancing with the Stars viewer, I managed to miss Tuesday night’s finale—though congrats Rumer Willis! Seeing your dad, Bruce Willis, crying in the audience before I tuned into The Bachelor Monday was worth the price of admission—and therefore missed brother/sister pair Derek and Julianne Hough… »5/21/15 11:10am5/21/15 11:10am

Patti Labelle, Amber Riley, Lil Kim Shut It Down with 'Lady Marmalade'

Dancing with the Stars is a television phenomenon I cannot really get into—former dance teacher here, thinking the choreo is trife—but you know what I can get into? R&B POWERHOUSES ON DUELING VOCAL INTERCHANGE. That is exactly what happened when none other than your god and spiritual mother Patti Labelle showed up to… »4/29/15 11:28am4/29/15 11:28am

Dancing With the Stars' Disney Night: Television's Weirdest 2 Hours

Last night on Dancing With the Stars, the stars performed routines set to Disney music while dressed up in corresponding Disney costumes. It’s not the first time they’ve done such a thing, but frequency doesn’t negate weirdness. They could do this every weeknight for the rest of eternity and I’d still say,… »4/14/15 10:10am4/14/15 10:10am

Queen Patti LaBelle Danced to 50 Cent's 'In Da Club' on DWTS. Bless.

Patti Patti (the preferred name you're supposed to scream during one of LaBelle's shows) is murdering the competition on Dancing with the Stars. The singer chose 50 Cent's "In Da Club" for the show's "My Jam Monday" competition and proved that just because she's almost 70 doesn't mean she can't shake it. Hard. »3/24/15 11:15am3/24/15 11:15am

Nice Shark Robert Herjavec Is Really Coming Into His Own as a Dancer

This is Robert Herjavec, perpetually smiling television entrepreneur and new contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The "son of an immigrant factory worker," Herjavec is essentially the nicest man in the world—certainly, the nicest Shark in the Tank—and it cheers me to be able to aggregate the news for you that,… »3/16/15 6:50pm3/16/15 6:50pm