Asuncion, Paraguay, January 1: A dancer, wearing a traditional dress, waits to perform during Paraguay's bicentennial celebrations. Paraguay will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its independence from Spain on May 14. » 1/02/11 6:10pm 1/02/11 6:10pm

Must-See Makeup, Headdress From Indonesia

[Jember, August 8. A dancer performs during Jember fashion carnival in Jember, East Java, Indonesia. The annual event to showcase creations by local fashion designers was held with theme of world treasure. Image via AP] » 8/09/10 12:34pm 8/09/10 12:34pm

Slipper-Clad Australians Attempt to Set A Dancing World Record

[Sydney, July 6. Sydneysiders participate in a world record attempt for the most people dancing in slippers in one place at Martin Place] » 7/06/10 6:10pm 7/06/10 6:10pm