Alright, Gif Dance Party. Do Your Thing.

I'm gonna go shower. Thank you for your tips so far. And thank you for your hiney pumpin' stories. For now...dancedancedance. Ladies love this song, right? » 9/06/10 12:50pm 9/06/10 12:50pm

It Ain't The Butterfly, It's The Tootsie Roll: An Ode To Fairly…

Florida's Polk County school district recently placed a ban on all sexually suggestive dancing, claiming that "booty dancing" was inappropriate on school grounds, which led me to reminisce about the hilariously inappropriate songs played at my middle school dances. » 10/03/09 6:55pm 10/03/09 6:55pm

And Now It's Time For A Breakdance

I know this has been kicking around the internet for a while, but we've all had a rough week, so here's a gift that will make you laugh and teach you some hot dance moves. » 2/21/09 5:00pm 2/21/09 5:00pm