Dance Moms Star Maddie Ziegler Landed Her First Film Role (With Sia, No Less)

Maddie Ziegler, the 12-year-old Dance Moms star and performer whose talents and propensity with wigs have made her a muse to the pop musician Sia, is now taking her skills to film for the first time—in a role developed, of course, by the pop musician Sia. »9/09/15 2:43pm9/09/15 2:43pm

Sia Weeps: The Tweens Choose Dance Moms' Chloe Over Dance Moms' Maddie

Sunday night was the Teen Choice Awards, the annual celebration where ad executives get kids to scream their prepubescent throats raw while you, a grown adult, ask yourself questions like “Who’s that?,” “Wait, Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson are two separate people?,” and “No, but SERIOUSLY, who IS that? »8/17/15 11:40am8/17/15 11:40am

Abby Lee Miller Not Guilty Of Assaulting Dance Moms Cast Member

Last October, Paige Hyland filed a lawsuit against her dance coach and Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller over an alleged assault that took place during the filming of Lifetime’s hit reality show. This week, a judge dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that after watching relevant clips of the show she didn’t feel that Hyland… »7/17/15 1:10pm7/17/15 1:10pm

Dance Moms Fans React in Totally Normal, Sane Way to Essay About Them

Yesterday, we published a quick internet deep dive essay investigating the young, Instagram-based fandom of the Lifetime show Dance Moms. Amy McCarthy wrote about this manic and self-contained social media universe: the constellations of fake accounts, password-hacking, promises to leak "secrets" about the young… »1/14/15 12:00pm1/14/15 12:00pm

The Terrifying Instagram World of the Tweenage Dance Moms Fans

Over the past four seasons, Lifetime's Dance Moms has rapidly become one of the most popular reality shows on television, particularly with girls under the age of 18. Nearly two million viewers tuned into last week's Season 5 premiere, which features Pittsburgh's Abby Lee Miller and a troupe of elite dancers ranging… »1/13/15 2:00pm1/13/15 2:00pm

Greta Gerwig on the Cultish Tendencies of Ballet Class

When future humans look back at the era of gender normative child-rearing, when parents watched their girls stumble around a dance studio and watched their boys try to decapitate a tee-ball stand, they’ll probably draw misguided conclusions, conclusions distorted by a preponderance of archived Dance Moms clips. “Wow,… »7/13/13 6:00pm7/13/13 6:00pm

'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Dresses as 'Black Swan' for Conceptual Tabloid Shoot

Abby Lee Miller, the hoarse-voiced choreographer who became a reality star by screaming at little girls and their mothers on Dance Moms, took part of an artsy photo shoot with In Touch in which she's wearing kabuki-like makeup and a black-feathered ballet costume while posing menacingly with her young… »3/14/13 3:45pm3/14/13 3:45pm

Jennifer Lawrence Would Much Rather Watch Abby Lee Miller Yell at Preteen Girls Than Go Clubbing

Isn't it heartening to know that those semi-divine beings we fondly call "celebrities" sometimes behave with the same self-loathing abandon that we mortals do, indulging in the basest of pleasures and pretending, if only for a few hours, that they aren't so much different from the normies in the world? Of course it… »12/30/12 5:00pm12/30/12 5:00pm

Reality Show Will Exploit Long-Term Breastfeeding Moms for the Sake of Our Collective Sanctimony

From the fiendishly exploitative producers that brought you Dance Moms, a show about a group of winos who keep accidentally entering their embarassed pre-adolescent daughters in dance competitions, comes a reality show about breasts and the toddlers that still rely on them. The production company Collins Avenue has… »7/08/12 11:30am7/08/12 11:30am

Dance Moms Outdoes Itself With Helen Keller Interpretive Dance

Did you know that Dance Moms was back on the air? Again? For a third season? After the show and Lifetime both experienced major fallout from an episode in which prepubescent girls were made to don nude suits for a burlesque number (the episode was removed from iTunes and will never see the light of day again due to… »6/20/12 3:15pm6/20/12 3:15pm

Dance Moms Has Devolved Into Little Girls Doing Burlesque in Nude Suits

You have to hand it to Abby Lee Miller: She knows how to get attention. This week she's doing it by making her preteen dance students wear nude bras for a feather fan burlesque routine. Burlesque. One of the girls in the number is like 8 years old. When you instruct a little girl to dance like a man "can't afford"… »3/07/12 5:50pm3/07/12 5:50pm

Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Explains Why She's Such a Monster

This morning, the entire cast of Dance Moms were on not one, not two, but three different segments of The View. The children performed a routine and their moms had a chance to defend their choice to subject their kids to the tyranny of instructor Abby Lee Miller ("It's Stockholm Syndrome"). But first, Abby sat down… »2/21/12 3:15pm2/21/12 3:15pm

Octavia Spencer Fires Back Against the Media Who Won't Shut Up About Her Weight

Actress Octavia Spencer has been the toast of the town since getting a heap of award nominations for her role in The Help, but, much to her dismay, a lot of the conversation in the press about her has involved her weight. She took to Facebook to air her frustrations and set the record straight. »2/02/12 8:00pm2/02/12 8:00pm

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