Abby Lee Miller Claims Dance Moms Producer Wanted Child Dancer to Perform as a Pregnant Teen

Dance Mom’s chief leviathan Abby Lee Miller claims that she’s willing to delay shooting on Season 6 of her show because a producer with “cockamamie ideas” suggested that one of her child dancers don a fake pregnancy belly and perform as a pregnant teen. Way to put your foot down, Abby! Only the best and most tasteful


Jennifer Lawrence Would Much Rather Watch Abby Lee Miller Yell at Preteen Girls Than Go Clubbing

Isn't it heartening to know that those semi-divine beings we fondly call "celebrities" sometimes behave with the same self-loathing abandon that we mortals do, indulging in the basest of pleasures and pretending, if only for a few hours, that they aren't so much different from the normies in the world? Of course it…

Reality Show Will Exploit Long-Term Breastfeeding Moms for the Sake of Our Collective Sanctimony

From the fiendishly exploitative producers that brought you Dance Moms, a show about a group of winos who keep accidentally entering their embarassed pre-adolescent daughters in dance competitions, comes a reality show about breasts and the toddlers that still rely on them. The production company Collins Avenue has…